Setting Out….


The first and what I hope will be the slowest modes of transport I will be using on my journey.


St Margaret’s bus station Leicester, known locally as “Maggies”


Luxor And Further South


Memory Lane… Pictures of Previous Visits To Egypt

Hello & Welcome!

Who is that rather dashing man?

Who is that rather dashing man?

Hello & welcome to my blog!

This blog has been set up to initially track my trips to Egypt (the first of which will be commencing on August 10th so be sure to check back then) but who knows what else will be included if I catch the blogging bug.

I will most likely post before my trip to get the hang of how this works in the hopes of making it interesting.

I’ve a view on and about most things and welcome comments, feedback, questions, opinions & any suggestions you may have.

Please stop by and say hi!