Luxor By Night


Sunset over the Nile – taken from my hotel in Luxor


Felucca on the Nile at sunset.


Trees with Valley Of The Kings in the background.


Hotel gardens and swimming pool – Nile Palace -Luxor

Day 4 – The Real Luxor & Mr Dusak

I was today entertained by Mr Dusak and his friend, here are a few pics of Luxor Market and the surrounding area, here as requested I also show the real Mr Dusak in all his glory!

Chickens for sale in the local market.

Chickens for sale in the local market.

A view of the valley of the kings taken from the east bank Luxor.


Some of the finished work on the lower corniche – towards Karnak.


And finally, by popular demand I unmask that distinguished man of Karnak Town – I must say he looks just like he does in his profile picture! M&M’s made it safely over the Luxor-Karnak border. Unavailable at the time of this picture taking as they were secreted in a smugglers bolthole until things have “died down” a bit.