Hello & Welcome!

Who is that rather dashing man?

Who is that rather dashing man?

Hello & welcome to my blog!

This blog has been set up to initially track my trips to Egypt (the first of which will be commencing on August 10th so be sure to check back then) but who knows what else will be included if I catch the blogging bug.

I will most likely post before my trip to get the hang of how this works in the hopes of making it interesting.

I’ve a view on and about most things and welcome comments, feedback, questions, opinions & any suggestions you may have.

Please stop by and say hi!

Day 4 – The Real Luxor & Mr Dusak

I was today entertained by Mr Dusak and his friend, here are a few pics of Luxor Market and the surrounding area, here as requested I also show the real Mr Dusak in all his glory!

Chickens for sale in the local market.

Chickens for sale in the local market.

A view of the valley of the kings taken from the east bank Luxor.


Some of the finished work on the lower corniche – towards Karnak.


And finally, by popular demand I unmask that distinguished man of Karnak Town – I must say he looks just like he does in his profile picture! M&M’s made it safely over the Luxor-Karnak border. Unavailable at the time of this picture taking as they were secreted in a smugglers bolthole until things have “died down” a bit.